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The biggest financial change to ever hit the Brazilian market


The Cryptocurrency market in Brazil currently suffers from high fees, limited coin options and difficult access. And CriptoHub is going to revolutionize this.

By making it easier than ever for Brazilians to join the world of cryptocurrency trading, the financial futures of millions of people will change forever.


Excellent Customer Service

Fast approval of accounts, deposit confirmations, and withdrawals.


Wide Variety of Tokens and Coins

CriptoHub is set to launch with both the largest variety of cryptocurrencies and largest number of trading pairs in Brazil.


Innovative Financial Services

Allowing Brazilians to easily accept Bitcoins when selling online and withdraw them at any time into FIAT currency with a fully featured pre-paid credit card.

Why invest in Brazil?


Brazilians spend more than 10 billion real (Brazil’s FIAT currency ‘BRL’) monthly on Bitcoin. But with poor exchange options and difficult transaction processes, it’s held many people back from joining this incredible worldwide movement.

By making it easy for Brazil’s 200 Million people to start buying, trading and accepting cryptocurrency, it’s not hard to see how CriptoHub can become the top cryptocurrency exchange in the country. We see huge growth potential in helping cryptocurrency become mainstream, and we hope you do too.

Exchange Security Differentials

Max Liquidity

Ultra fast execution of orders, access to high liquidity orders and minimum spread.

The key was to partner with a wide variety of Exchanges around the world, and integrate our order book, so we were able to provide excellent liquidity to all users

KYC / AML Humanized Verification

We take our regulatory obligations extremely seriously, in addition to every automated, state-of-the-art digital system, which enables you to review documents, proof of residency, and signatures. We will have a responsible sector with specialists to analyze possible fraud, forgeries and criminal records. This analysis will be done on each user.

Cold Wallet Security

Our portfolio has an automatic process that transfers our cryptofunds to cold storage (off-line) of multiple signatures.

Even if an attack occurred, only the minority of funds could be stolen.

Security Strong

Protection against DDoS attacks, complete data encryption and regular cyber security assessments. Our architecture is based on the latest technological frameworks.

Using the latest software, we can mitigate the risk of leaks based on software immaturity. Continuous updates and technological advances increase the overall resilience of our infrastructure.

Working Life Time

We guarantee 99.9% of Activities, thanks to our technologies:

  • • DNS failover
  • • Geo IP Routing
  • • Distributed server architecture

Multiple server locations enable seamless back-end services in the worst-case scenarios, freeing up changes without downtime, and the highest possible availability. Our Geo IP routing provides super fast access for customers around the world, routing traffic according to their geographical location.

Authentication of up to three factors

Rigorous identity verification, factor authentication and encrypted wallet access meet the highest security demands.

This gives your customers the ability to set additional scan tokens on their cell phone and email account to unlock specific actions like "trading" or "withdrawal." Even more authentication methods can be implemented.

Comparative Table

Negocie Coins FoxBit Mercado Bitcoin
Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies
Withdrawal Rates in BRL 0,7% 0,9% 1,39% 1,99%
Deposit Fees 0% 0% 0% 0%
Trade Fees - Passive Order 0,3% 0,3% 0,25% 0,3%
Trade Fees - Active Order 0,4% 0,4% 0,50% 0,7%
Trade API
Crypto Assets 20 6 1 3
Credit Card
E-commerce Plugin
Referral Program
Lowest Rates in Brazil
Own Token
Trade Discount (CHBR)

All cryptocurrencies in one place


Buy and sell cryptocurrency that you want
Stay conected soon we'll release new names available in CriptoHub Exchange.

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Dash
  • Monero
  • Iota
  • NameCoin
  • PeerCoin
  • OmiseGo
  • SmartCash
  • Allvor
  • Storiqa
  • Bytom
  • Matrix AI Network
  • 0x
  • ICON
  • Gifto
  • Brazio

Introducing the CRIPTOHUB COIN (CHBR)


CriptoHub’s native coin (CHBR) powers the cryptocurrency exchange, granting token holders exclusive benefits including progressive discounts on brokerage fees (the lowest rates available in Brazil).

Created using the world-leading Ethereum ERC20 technology, the CHBR token system is designed to securely scale as transactions and demand grows.

Negotiations With Discount

CHBR Token Holders will get aggressive discounts on trading costs. Depending on the number of tokens they hold, they can get up to 90% discounts on trades.

High Speed

Fast approval of accounts, agility in confirming deposits and issuing withdrawals.

Trade CHBR As Well

The CHBR tokens, will be avaiable to be traded on CriptoHub Exchange that will be launched on august 09. Allowing holders to buy, sell and exchange them.



Our referral program pays a generous 20% of any referred member’s user fees. So if you refer people to CriptoHub and they use the service, you’ll get a trailing commission. We’re the first exchange in Brazil to offer an affiliate program, which will generate a lot of additional marketing for CriptoHub.

1st in Brazil

The first and only exchange in Brazil to pay affiliate referral commissions.

Refer Your Friends And Receive Affiliate Commissions

Receive 20% commission on your friend's rates.

Monetize Your Content

Be paid by users referred from your affiliate link on your site, blog or info product.

6 Reasons to Buy our Token


Criptohub is an exchange for cryptocurrencies focused on the Brazilian market, with high growth potential and the greatest range of services.


Huge Brazilian Market

Brazil transacts 5,000 Bitcoins daily and our goal is to dominate 40% of the local market share in the first year.


Trade With A Discount

CHBR token holders will have aggressive discounts on trades, depending on the number of coins they hold (up to 90% discounts on trades).


More Coins & Trading Pairs

We will be the exchange with the largest number of currency pairs in Brazil.


100% Compliant

CriptoHub is 100% compliant with Brazilian legal and tax regulations, and will be twice-yearly audited by an independent auditor.


Exchange in Development

We are already testing our Exchange and it will be launched after the end of ICO, ensuring it’s 100% proof-tested and ready to operate.


Referral Program

We will be the first exchange in Brazil to have an affiliate program, making it a great way to benefit from introducing more Brazilians to the platform.

Easy-to-use Pre-paid Credit Card


All CriptoHub account holders will be able to get a pre-paid credit card where they can spend cryptocurrency in local Brazilian real (BRL). This gives everyone an easy to way use cryptocurrency without having to cash it out via a bank first.

Blockchain Payment Solutions


With CriptoHub, businesses can offer payment for goods and services with Bitcoin and other currencies.

Buy & Sell in Crypto-coins

Directly in Your Virtual Store

The Brazilian E-Commerce market transacts more than R$ 50 billion per year and CriptoHub will offer merchants payment solutions to easily accept any digital currency.

Development Roadmap

  • Icone Lançamento CriptoHub

    ICO launch

    APRIL 2018

    The pre-sale of CHBR tokens will take place between April 10 to 25, followed by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of a further 8 weeks.

  • Icone Exchange CriptoHub

    Exchange Launch

    AUGUST 2018

    CriptoHub launches into the Brazilian market on 08/09/2018 with trading available to 200 million Brazilians as well as the world market.

  • Icone Soluções Blockchain CriptoHub

    Blockchain Solutions

    DECEMBER 2018

    Launch of the checkout module for Brazilian e-commerce businesses with all major crypto-coins available.

  • Icone Mesa Avançada CriptoHub

    Advanced Table

    OCTOBER 2018

    CriptoHub will have its own specialized client department for large and institutional investors. It provides dedicated customer service for select users with deposits and withdrawals above R$ 200 thousand real, while also offering the largest liquidity source in Brazil.

  • Icone Débito CriptoHub

    Pre-paid Credit Card

    APRIL 2019

    Pre-paid Credit cards will be made available to exchange customers, allowing them to effortlessly spend cryptocurrency in everyday transactions.

  • Icone Proximos Lança CriptoHub

    New Blockchain Services

    AUGUST 2019

    After these items have deployed successfully, CriptoHub will be internationalized across other Latin American countries while also offering additional Blockchain Services for Exchange users.

Token Structure


Token allocation

  • 55% Distributed to Community;
  • 15% Advisors;
  • 10% Awards and Reservations;
  • 20% Team and Founders.

Funds Allocation

  • 28% Marketing;
  • 7% Reservation;
  • 35% Development;
  • 5% Legal;
  • 25% Operational.

100% Advisors tokens will be locked up for 12 months;

100% Team and Founders tokens will be locked up for 24 months;


CHBR Token Information


Token Name


Cost of 1 CHBR Token

0.0005 ETH

Number of Tokens:




Adjustable Issuance:

New tokens will not be issued and unsold ones will be destroyed.

Form of payment

Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies

Distribution of tokens

After the end of ICO or as requested by the client

ICO Ends:

July 27, 2018

 Tokens 1st Round
Qty Limited


14.000.000 CHBR



10.000.000 CHBR



10.000.000 CHBR



10.000.000 CHBR



11.000.000 CHBR

Tokens not sold in the previous rounds will be moved to the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are exhausted in the previous round.

Our team


The Founders of CriptoHub are professionals with extensive experience in Internet related businesses and Blockchain - a multidisciplinary team that’s set to make CriptoHub a Brazilian business success story.

Ramon Vailatti


Administrator, has built 2 companies with more than 8-digit billing, for more than 10 years working with business on the Web.

Victor Gamarra


Marketing Manager, SEO specialist and in large-scale digital campaigns.

Marlene Schommer


Project manager and financial manager.

Leandro Francisco


Programmer, Blockchain scholar and great experience in commanding large teams of professionals.

Glauco Gobatto


Manager of large accounts and new exchange business.

Bruno Ampessan


Blockchain Enthusiast, investor of ICOs, responsible for all communities and social networks of the project.

Jorge Busana Jr.


16 years of experience in web-design and user experience.

Diego Almeida


More than 15 years of experience in web programming.



Orion Agarwal


Former Cryptocurrency Investment Analyst at Standpoint Research where he contributed to in-depth research of Binance (BNB), Kyber Network (KNC) and other top coins. Formerly an equity analyst at a $1 billion L.A.-based hedge fund and managed a tech VC with several successful exits including one to (NASDAQ: AMZN). MBA-Finance, USC.

Matt Trainer

Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Business and technology leader for 30 years. Matt created 7-digit companies in 5 different industries. He is a thought leader in all things involved in Crypto and ICO advisor, marketing, gamification and blockchain (DLT).

Chad Anderson


Strategic Marketing professional with strong entrepreneurial spirit. With several successful start up experiences to draw Chad is poised to create new lucrative business relationships to bridge the gap between legacy companies and Block Chain and Crypto-Currency companies. Chad has an impressive network of executives along with a unique ability to forecast market trends.

Andrew Pancholi


Andrew consults banks and financial institutions including some of the largest trading operations in the world. He is renowned for his expertise in cycles, not only in markets but also in Geopolitical events.

The Market Timing Report

Dr. Marcio Barbero


Lawyer, founding partner of Barbero Advogados, a businessman and accountant with a long business career, a member of the board of directors of several companies, he acts in legal mentoring and participates intensely in the definition of legal strategies to be applied to clients.

Rafael Vidal Rawadauski


Graduated in Advertising, specializing in Digital Marketing Performance, Rafael is a partner and heads the largest Performance Marketing agency in Brazil, has great penetration in the National and International Affiliate market.

Piero Bitencourt Contezini


Experienced programmer, with participation in promising national startups. For 6 years, he has created his own company in the Financial Technology sector or Fintechs, a way of payment to help entrepreneurs receive money online. Enthusiast and Blockchain researcher.

Jessé Borges


More than 10 years in the financial market with structured operations, financing, M&A, financial analysis, business strategy and relationship with Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Mario Michna


Experienced professional in the Banking sector, acting in Foreign Exchange Banks with a solid career in International Financial Services and Fundraising for large companies.

Criptohub Ratings














Questions and answers relating to CriptoHub.

Criptohub is a Brazilian exchange of cryptocurrency. Its aim is to be the #1 exchange in the country and offer unique benefits to the local market.
They are monetary units (also known as tokens) protected by cryptographic technology. Coins or Tokens are protected against forgery and tampering because they represent encrypted information that cannot be copied or altered.
ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign distributing tokens to participants. Upon completion of the ICO process, tokens can be used on a platform or traded in exchanges, with market supply and demand deciding their fair value.
April 10 pre-sale with 40% discount.
We do not have a soft cap because our exchange is already being finalized to start operating, and our hard cap is US $ 10 million dollars.
We start with 0.0005 ETH (Ethereum), and we have bonuses as per the ICO stage.
Your tokens may be transferred to your Ethereum wallet within 48 hours of confirmation of your Tokens deposit, or they may be imported into your Exchange account when the Exchange launches. As we will be launching at the end of the ICO, some people can wait and receive them directly within their CriptoHub account when it is released.
Yes the site was updated and we changed the end date of the ICO to July 27, and exchange launch to August 09 to finalize latest security tests with specialized companies before we release to the public.

Events and Images


Check below the events that CriptoHub had participation

04-05 July, 2018
Tokyo - Japan

Token Sky

TokenSky is the largest event for token economy and blockchain industry in Asia. World's experts, economits, professors, investors and entrepreneurs gather and discuss about the innovative blockchain technology.

28 June, 2018
Amsterdam - Holland

Blockchain Expo Europe

The event brought together 6000+ dedicated blockchain industry attendees across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

13 June, 2018
London - England

MJAC Blockchain Conference

The MKAC Blockchain conference brought together more than 50 companies that are in the blockchain industry, as well as investment panels, business panels and companies.

05 June, 2018
Jundiai-SP - Brazil

Cocktail of Inauguration

Cocktail of inauguration of Criptohub headquarters, we received a visit from investors, partners and clients.

28-29 May, 2018
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Blockspot Conference Latam

The first Blockchain event and Cryptocurrencies of the Iberian Peninsula in Sao Paulo.

24-26 May, 2018
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Afiliados Brasil

Afiliados Brasil is the first and largest Affiliate Marketing event to be held on Brazilian land.

The event received +3,000 people

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